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Yoga. Health. Wellness. Organic. Natural. We see these words sprinkled on everything from tee shirts to magazines to social media, but how did they become so trendy and what do they really mean?

The essence of yoga is union, or mindfulness of how we live in relationship to ourselves, others, and the world around us. An outcome of all forms of a yoga practice is whole body health, including other wellness practices like eating organic foods and using natural, earth-friendly products.

When we are more aware of how we care for ourselves, we often seamlessly gravitate toward the care of all beings and the world.

In relation to the organic cotton we use for our yoga apparel, we reference the yogic philosophical teachings of sthira (steadiness) and sukha (softness). Hyde is steadfast in our commitment to making a softer carbon footprint by choosing uncontaminated crops to manufacture our pieces, resulting in both beautiful clothing and a general awareness of the importance of organic lifestyle choices.

Cotton crops in the United States use approximately 15% of the world’s production of pesticides. Not only does this affect humans, animals and insects exposed to the chemicals, it also leaks into the waterways surrounding the crop area and the seeds, which are used for cattle feed and processed foods to increase shelf life. Cottonseeds may contain potent chemical residue from pesticides, increasing the risk of ingesting them when consuming processed foods with cottonseed oil.

What can we do as citizens to curb this and other destructive practices? We can choose organic whenever possible, whether it’s clothing or food or cleaning supplies. We can open our minds and hearts to the bigger picture of what it means to live in accordance with those concepts, remembering the ways it which they cross paths within the various aspects of our lives.

To explore more of what it means to live organically for whole body health, check out our collaborative posts from our friends at Parsley Health and Yoga Shanti, and see below to enter to win our amazing wellness package.

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Three lucky winners will receive:

1 Hyde organic cotton yoga tank

1 Parsley Health Rebuild protein shake

1 Yoga Shanti 5-class pack

Contest begins July 5th and ends July 11th.

Namaste and good luck!

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