Yoga and Mindfulness

yoga mindfulness

Aside from all of yoga’s physical benefits, a regular yoga practice also has a number of mental benefits. The combination of yoga and mindfulness can be extremely effective at reducing daily stress and helping to calm the effects of ADD and ADHD in both children and adults.

Yoga and Stress

As a method to reduce stress, yoga can be helpful on an ongoing basis and in the moment. Doing simple yoga-for-stress poses can help you calm down on a hectic day and find your center. A few simple cat-cows and a couple of minutes in child’s pose can help you refocus on your breath and ease tense muscles, both of which will help you reduce stress.

Likewise, a regular practice will help you form good habits that can reduce stress on a regular basis. Proper body alignment will reduce your pain, better breathing will make it easier for you to stay calm, and a stronger body will help stave off fatigue. All of these will contribute to a less stressful, more balanced life.

Yoga for ADD

Both children and adults are encouraged to try yoga for ADHD and ADD. Yoga / mindfulness can help people who suffer from these conditions gain a little extra control over their emotions and give them proper tools for dealing with symptoms as they arise.

For many people with ADD or ADHD, a tendency towards extreme behavior can be a big problem. Practicing mindfulness in combination with yoga can help you recognize when those tendencies are arising and take a step back. Proper breathing techniques and the ability to accept a situation without judging it or having a strong emotional response to it can make living with ADD or ADHD much more tolerable.

Even if you don’t have a particularly stressful life, you’re likely to feel the benefits of yoga and mindfulness through regular practice. It can also be an effective tool to turn to when occasional stressful moments arise. Remember that you can make your stress yoga positions even more effective by practicing in attire that is comfortable. The better your yoga clothes fit and move with your body, the more mental and physical benefits you will feel. If stress is a top priority in your yoga practice, we recommend our extra comfy chrystie pant, v top, or cozy sweater.