Yoga Chakra Colors to Activate Specific Energy: Manipura & Anahata

yoga chakra colorsThis is our second in a series on yoga chakra colors. We each have seven chakras, and each of those chakras is connected to one of the seven colors of the rainbow. In your yoga practice, focusing on a color can help you enliven the associated chakra in your own body.

One of the easiest ways to bring your attention to chakra colors is by wearing them. This week, we’ll focus on which colors of organic yoga wear you can dress in to awaken the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra.

The solar plexus chakra, or Manipura, is deeply connected to the color yellow. Yellow is one the primary colors. It is made up of a single wave of light, and it is a perennial symbol of happiness, birth, and youth. The Manipura rests between the stomach and the heart. This, in many ways, is the center of the self. Wearing yellow, therefore, can help you connect to your inner child, your most primal self, and your self-worth.

To help awaken your Manipura, try wearing the taylor tank in butter. You can also flood your practice space with natural light and yellow flowers, like daffodils.

Working up the spine, the next chakra is Anahata, the heart chakra. This is the chakra of self-love, of devotion and compassion. The heart chakra is composed of green, which is equal parts yellow and blue. Green is the color of growth, of natural life, and of nourishment. Whereas red, orange, and yellow are more earthly and emotional, green is the first color in the spectrum with a strong spiritual aspect.

To activate your heart chakra and help yourself feel more connected to the life around you, you can wear the wren legging or the vira tank in fern.

Another great way to connect with the heart chakra is to take your practice outside. Find a large expanse of grass, or an opening in an evergreen forest. Surrounding yourself with the green energy of nature will help you feel more connected throughout your practice.