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Being conscious of the way we treat our bodies is in direct relation to how we treat the planet, which is why we love Skinny & Co’s coconut oil products and their commitment to sustainability, both for the earth and the people that inhabit it.

Skinny & Co believes that healthy people change the world, and so they would like to offer our healthy Hyde community 15% off their coconut oil based skincare offerings with code SKINNYCO15. Read on to discover more about the line and our reviews before you select your favorite products from their webstore!

Similar to Hyde’s dedication to using cotton unharmed by pesticides, Skinny & Co founders understood the importance of sourcing coconut oil from Fair Trade farms in Vietnam that are free of chemicals, and they add no fillers or preservatives to their final product.

If you have yet to try coconut oil (or yoga, for that matter), do yourself a favor and explore one of the world’s magical miracles. It can be used on your skin, in your food, as mouthwash and moisturizer and more.

We love the question Skinny & Co asks its readers to consider: “Why would you ever put something on your skin if you wouldn’t put it in your body?” Hyde feels the same: why would we ever want to disrupt something naturally occurring like cotton and other crops with polluting, harmful chemicals?


Unaltered, raw coconut oil has incredible health benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • Boosting metabolism
  • Supporting thyroid function
  • Supplying energy to insulin-resistant cells
  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
  • Promoting oral health through oil pulling

When we first opened our box of Skinny & Co coconut goodies, we were thrilled to notice that the packaging was not only recyclable – something which we value tremendously at Hyde in regards to reducing waste – but that each little glass bottle (also recyclable) has a small and simple description of how to use it, including lists of its clean ingredients. Not unlike clothing with a mixture of complicated synthetic fabrics, at Hyde we tend to steer away from products with an array of foreign materials we know nothing about.

skinny & co recyclable packaging

Below are a few of the thoughtfully curated Skinny & Co products and some of the amazing ways you can benefit from them, which we have had the pleasure of testing over the past couple of weeks:

Oil Pulling: coconut oil with organic peppermint essential oil. We love that they easily explain on the website how to do it (before brushing: swish 5-20 minutes, spit in trash, rinse). Skinny & Co says, “Coconut oil has been found to be an ideal choice due to the lauric acid binding with the bacteria in the mouth during the ‘pulling’ process.” It makes your whole mouth (teeth, gums, breath) feel so clean and fresh, and we don’t mind swishing during the first 15 minutes we use to prep in the morning.

100% Raw Coconut Oil: cold-processed, 100% raw, wild-harvested, alkaline, tree-to-table coconut oil (they own and manufacture their coconut oil – meaning they do not buy from contract manufacturers). Their process is trustworthy and clean, which they describe on their website: “During processing, other coconut oils are heated up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit which can strip the fruit of its natural beneficial properties. Through our Nutralock System, our oil is kept under 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the entire production process, which makes it truly raw.” We already love cooking with coconut oil, but the company’s values and practices have won us over. It is also simply a miracle oil: good for cooking (hello healthy fats), moisturizing face and skin and hair, or adding into beverages like coffee/tea or smoothies.

Whipped Body Butter: coconut oil with organic almond oil, vitamin E, and a blend of essential oils (including basil). Super hydrating, especially if used right after a shower for optimal absorption. Skinny & Co adds “If you have chemical or color-treated hair, it can easily get dried out and brittle. We suggest twenty minutes before a shower, comb through a generous amount of the body butter. While it sits, it will penetrate the hair strands and give it extra hydration before shampooing and conditioning as normal.” We love using it as a moisturizer after a shower. And if your hair feels dry, the addition of almond oil also makes the product smell like a dream. It makes your skin feel so luxurious, perfectly prepared to slip on organic cotton Hyde gear or to clean up after a sweaty yoga class.

Facial Oil: coconut oil with lavender, Roman chamomile and holy basil. Obviously we at Hyde are obsessed with the feel of our super soft organic cotton, so this is naturally a welcomed product in my limited collection of toiletries. It feels so lovely to cleanse with, and the fact that it works as a gentle makeup remover is an added bonus. It spreads smoothly onto your skin and doesn’t create excess redness – probably due to the fact that it doesn’t leave the face dry after patting down with a washcloth post-rinse. It causes no irritation to the eyes, and can be used as a beard oil to boot. If you need extra moisture in dry months, it can be used as an overnight mask. So many ways to use it, not unlike our multi-purpose yoga gear: physical activity, restorative yoga, sleep, travel, long underwear on winter days, tanks on summer nights, travel pants, etc.

Sugar Scrub: coconut oil with organic coconut sugar and vanilla bean. This legitimately smells like dessert and is perfect for removing dead skin, prepping the physical body for clothes like our delicious organic cotton blend. Vanilla bean contains trace minerals to help soothe the skin alongside Skinny & Co’s alkaline coconut oil, plus the aroma is heavenly. It can also be used as a prep for self-tanner, lip scrub, or a sweetener for your morning beverage. Who doesn’t love an edible body scrub? Plus it feels so good to scrub our hard-working skin at least once per week, offering the body the love and attention it deserves.

skinny & co products

Don’t forget to use code SKINNYCO15 for 15% off of your order. Should you need some organic yoga apparel to go with it, you know where to shop (…on, just in case that was not clear).

Peace, love, and coconut oil happiness.


More about Skinny & Co:

Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil was born when two brothers set off on a life-changing adventure. With their hearts set on exploration, Luke and Matthew Geddie ventured through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, India and finally Vietnam. It was in Vietnam where they instantly fell in love with the vibrant culture and friendly people living among the richest coconut-growing palms on the planet. Together with Kim Vo, a brilliant Vietnamese woman from those same coconut-rich jungles, they founded Skinny & Co.

The Skinny story starts three years ago with two brothers, two backpacks, and one wild adventure…an adventure that would open their eyes to healthy foods around the world. With their hearts set on exploration, Luke and Matt Geddie ventured through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, India, and Vietnam with a desire to see and experience everything nature had to provide.

From working as consultants for Thai businesses to volunteering at orphanages in India, the two brothers were building relationships and experiences to be told for the rest of their lives…and yet, the memories would soon be eclipsed by the opportunities waiting for them in Vietnam.

Within the borders of this beautiful country, Luke and Matt found a culture of friendly, humble people living among the lush ecosystems spread across Vietnam. The pristine land, as with the people, showed no signs of wars from the past. All they could see was an array of colors from fruits, vegetables, and grains grown in the fertile soil of the jungles. What they found was an abundance of healthy foods.

What Luke and Matt had gained was much more than memories to share; they gained a vision for the future of Vietnam through an idea to support the local community. An idea that would share the natural foods they had found in Southeast Asia.