Yoga Pants vs. Yoga Shorts

Yoga Pants or Yoga ShortsOne of the most important things to consider when practicing yoga is what you’ll wear during your practice. During yoga, you should be able to surrender your body and mind to reap the full benefits of your practice. That can be hard to do when you’re focused on yoga pants that are riding up or not having enough coverage when you choose the wrong pair of yoga shorts.

At Hyde, we put comfort first. Because when you choose the right clothing, you can make a world of difference in the quality of your practice. One question that we commonly come across is whether to wear organic yoga pants or shorts. Before we delve into the differences between pants and shorts, we believe that all yoga clothing should:

  • be comfortable
  • fit well
  • feel good to wear
  • offer support
  • remain durable

With these points in mind, you need to really consider the type of yoga that you’re practicing and then decide what will work best for you. Let’s say you’re practicing a more fluid, relaxed type of yoga such as Hatha or Kundalini. You’ll want to sport a pair of yoga pants that is lightweight, yet gives you the coverage you desire as you move from one pose to the next, such as our divine drawstring pant or our kelly pant.

If you regulary practice Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga, you’ll perform inversions and more complicated movements. For these types types of yoga, many people like to wear more fitted pants or yoga leggings, like the wren, because they do not ride up or hinder movement in any way. Finally, if you practice Bikram, hot yoga or want to avoid feeling over-heated during warmer months, you may want to consider wearing organic yoga shorts. Our jojo short happens to be a great choice because it’s made from a soft, durable, stretchy blend of organic cotton and spandex, allowing for maximum mobility. And our chrystie short is ideal for Iyengar yoga practice as it’s drawstring hem makes it a modern version of the classic Iyengar bloomer.

The next time you’re trying to decide between yoga pants or shorts, first focus on comfort and natural fit. You want to be able to enjoy your practice without experiencing uneasiness or having to adjust your clothes. Second, consider the type of yoga that you practice. For example, if you’re taking a hot yoga class, you may want to have on shorts for comfort. However, if you’re engaged in Hatha or Vinyasa, lightweight pants with a loose fit will probably work best. Keep in mind, a tapered leg also has its advantages as your pants won’t ride up your legs during inverted poses.

And remember, no matter what you decide to wear, even if it’s not the standard choice for your particular preferred method of yoga, if you choose a style of pant or short that you feel good in, that’s what matters most!