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Hyde Yoga Pants and Shorts

Hyde Yoga sells yoga pants for women that are perfectly designed to work with you during your yoga sessions. All of our yoga pants are made from lightweight, organic materials of the highest quality. They’re ideal for every type of yoga, and even for wearing around town. Find the yoga pant that suits you best — whether you prefer hot yoga shorts, drawstring yoga pants, yoga leggings, or cropped yoga pants, Hyde Yoga has a number of flattering styles and colors to choose from.

Our team carefully designs each look to flatter the body, making our yoga pants a great choice both in the studio and out of it. You’ll be just as comfortable walking around your neighborhood in our hot yoga pants as you will be sweating in the studio. Plus, thanks to our wide variety of colors and styles, you can find the yoga pant that you are most comfortable in regardless of your body shape. We’ve designed all of our woman yoga pants to work with your body and make you feel beautiful.

And, of course, our yoga shorts and pants are the perfect choice to wear in the studio. All of our yoga pants are made using high-quality, lightweight, organic cotton. With just the right amount of spandex added in, our organic yoga pants and shorts are perfectly designed to work with your body regardless of what type of yoga your prefer. Hot Yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, or anything else — our lower body yoga clothing will give you the range of motion you need without shifting out of place, restricting your flexibility, or making you feel uncomfortable.

Comfortable Yoga Shorts

Try our hot yoga short for a form-fitting yet comfortable fit, or select the Chrystie yoga short for a more relaxed fit. Both of these yoga shorts are great for all types of yoga, and they’re especially great hot yoga shorts. The Chrystie short is also a perfect choice for loungewear.

Flattering Yoga Capris & Leggings

Our cropped yoga pant is another great choice for a stylish look that works with your body in all types of yoga sessions. Try the cropped divine drawstring pant, our colorful yoga capris, or the Kelly cropped yoga pant for a flattering look that will last for years to come. These styles come in a wide variety of colors, so it’s easy to find the perfect yoga pant for your unique tastes.

Yoga Pants for Women of all Shapes and Sizes

Hyde Yoga pants are made of lightweight, quality materials that are guaranteed to last. Our selection of women yoga pants is great for all body types and all types of yoga. Whether you’re looking for hot yoga pants or the right organic yoga pant for Bikram or Ashtanga Yoga, you can’t go wrong with our comfortable and flattering yoga apparel by Hyde.

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