Yoga Poses for Stillness: Our Top Picks for Calm and Peace

yoga poses for stillness

We live in a chaotic world that is constantly on the move. Between work and friends and relationships and family and everything in between, finding a moment of stillness can feel like a mini vacation.

To be still isn’t necessarily the same thing as being at rest. Sometimes taking a moment to be still in the middle of commotion is a way to appreciate everything around you. Being still allows you to be mindful. Being still allows you to be present. Being still allows you to be aware.

Summer is a season for calm and repose. As fall approaches and with its new challenges and adventures at school, work, and home, practice these four yoga poses whenever you want to feel the benefits of stillness.

Child’s Pose

This may be our favorite yoga pose of all time. This pose connects you to the earth. It calls to mind a time when you were smaller, when you had no cares, no weight on your shoulders, when you simply let the world wash over you. Being still in child’s pose for a few seconds or several minutes is a great way to relax the body and the mind.

Forward Fold

Another basic position that is easy to overlook, the simple bliss of a forward fold in the middle of a work day or a stressful afternoon with the kids is hard to overrate. There’s no need to change into your organic yoga clothing when practicing this pose – you can do it basically anywhere.

A forward fold lets you literally flip your perspective, take the weight off of your shoulders and back, and decompress. Enjoy a few deep breaths in this pose and practice it in quiet stillness, or let yourself rotate gently from side to side, deepening your stretch.

Legs Up the Wall

A variation on corpse pose, this is one of our favorite yoga poses for stillness. Putting your legs up against a wall promotes circulation and helps alleviate stress. Yogis regularly recommend lying in this pose for fifteen minutes before bedtime for more restful sleep.

Easy Pose

Taking a moment to sit on the floor with your legs crossed is one of the simplest ways to find a moment of stillness. Take a moment to make sure your sit bones are even, your chest is up, and your back is straight. Leave your hands gently rested on your knees, or bring one hand to your heart and the other to your belly. Feel your breath fill you up, and let all thoughts fall out of your mind. You’ll feel less stressed and calmer in a matter of moments.