Yoga & Sports Performance: Giving a Boost for Better Results

yoga sports performance

Very few yogis limit their physical activities to just practicing yoga. Likewise, people who enjoy other sports can enjoy multiple benefits from adding a yoga practice to their athletic routines. Whether you enjoy waking up with yoga every day or an occasional class here and there, the benefits of yoga will undoubtedly extend to the rest of your life, including your performance in sports.

Yoga and Running

One of the many benefits of yoga is that it improves endurance. Many yoga poses serve to open up your lungs and increase your respiratory capacity. With regular practice, yoga can even help people manage asthma and other breathing conditions. It also improves circulation and efficiency of movement, all of which can help runners perform better. Yoga clothing can also help runners have a more comfortable and relaxed workout. Try our jojo shorts for easy movement and breathability during long runs.

Yoga and Swimming

Yoga and swimming are a perfect match, because both practices are low-impact and can help reduce stress. By adding yoga to your daily routine, you can improve your power in the pool. Yoga improves strength in the shoulders, stomach, and legs and also improves body alignment, both of which will help you cut your lap times in the pool. Plus, loose yoga pants like the divine drawstring make a great choice for getting to and from the pool in comfort and style.

Yoga and Rock Climbing

One of the primary benefits of yoga is increased range of motion, which is essential for climbing difficult routes. The higher you can bring that leg or stretch out that arm, the more successful you’ll be at rock climbing. Of course, the endurance and strength you’ll gain from yoga will also benefit your rock climbing, and your improved stability and alignment will help you avoid injuries. Yoga attire is also ideal for rock climbing — a pair of wren leggings and a long cami will allow a full range of motion while keeping you decent.

Yoga sports performance benefits don’t end with these three activities. In fact, there probably isn’t any sport or physical activity that a yoga practice wouldn’t help. Further proof that yoga makes everything better!